Digital Citizenship Project

Elena C. Period 5

Rule #1: Digital Etiquette

Think before you do something online: If you don't want your friends, family, teachers, and potential employers to see what you're posting, don't post it at all.

Rule #2: Information Privacy

Don't Ever Give Out Personal Information: Giving out personal information can lead to viruses on your computer, and spammers spamming your email.

Rule #3: Social Networking

Keep your friends only on social networks: If you have strangers that follow your account on social media, that could lead to things you don't want to get involved in.

Rule #4: Online Safety

Always be safe and kind on the internet: Don't give out any personal information online cause people aren't always sincere on the internet. Also, treat others how you want to be treated on the internet or not.
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Rule #5: Cyber Bullying

Ask someone for help: If you're getting cyber bullied you can tell a teacher or another adult.

Rule #6: Plagiarism

Don't Copy Someone Else's Work: If you copy someone else's work, that is called plagiarism. If you get caught and have plaigrised someone else's work, you could go through serious consequences.

Rule #7: Copy Right

Check if there is a copy right symbol before you use anything: If there is a copy right symbol on the document of music you want to use, you would have to ask for permission from the author before you can actually use it so you don't get in trouble.
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What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital citizenship is what helps keep online for people safe and keep everyone happy. It has stuff like copyrighting, plagiarism, cyber bullying, online safety, social networking, information privacy, and digital etiquette. These are somethings to help keep the internet a calm, happy, place for people to chat with friends. That is what Digital Citizenship is.

Why is it necessary for everyone to understand and display positive digital citizenship prectices?

It is necessary for everyone to do this because it shows that people aren't just ruder online, they can be friendly and helpful. They also what to show proper manners and want everyone to get along. They also want to put out rules so people will be safe online and follow rules that help everyone. That is why it is necessary.