William herchel

pre 1900

Who is William herchel?

William Herschel was a well known astronomer in his field.

Date of discoveries ?

Uranus: 13 of march in 1781

Infrared: 11 February 1887


on the 13 of march in 1781 Herschel discovered not a star but a planet called URANUS.

William Herschel telescope

In 1987 William Herschel introduced a new piece of technology called the William Herschel telescope.the William Herschel telescope is one of the biggest telescopes in europe


On 11 February 1800 William Herschel was testing filters for the sun so he could observe sun spots.Until he discovered infrared.

Infrared meaning:the part of the invisible spectrum that is contiguous to the red end of the visible spectrum and that comprises electrical radiation of wave lengths from 800 mm to 1 mm.