Think Learning 2020 Group

Equality and Diversity Issue for Flipped Learning


Welcome to this special edition of Think Learning, which is an adaptation of a recent Think Learning edition focusing on equality and diversity. It has been put together to allow you to access materials for the 2020 group presentation at the Govenors Strategic Conference 2015.

First watch the brief video on Flipped Learning then enjoy the content in the rest of the newsletter and be prepared to engage in active learning during the 2020 group presentation.

Flipping the Classroom Explained

This issue begins with a video from Stonewall which shows how the language we learn as children can stay with us and why it is important to tackle abusive and offensive language.

Stonewall #NoBystanders -- Watch the film, join the movement and take a stand
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Embedding equality in teaching and learning

The diagram below shows a number of factors that should come together to ensure equality is fully embedded in the curriculum. By no means an exhaustive list, but it does communicate the importance of good planning – note the longer list of actions under ‘before the session’. It really is a case of “fail to plan, plan to fail!” This section will focus on planning and actions teachers can take before a session that will help to effectively embed equality in the delivery.

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Promoting a model for embedding equality

Promoting is a positive term that reflects the need for staff to be proactive in their approach to embedding.

The diagram below communicates the nine elements of the Promoting model .

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Equality and Diversity Terms

Click on the link below to review key equality and diversity terms .

First view the material by using the flashcard mode then try the different study modes and games to help you learn the key terms.

You may get a note saying you are using an outdated browser (if using Internet Explorer). If you just remove the message the flashcards and games will still work, alternatively use a browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

Learning Coach Corner

Top tips from Kellie Wilson and Angela Stevenson

Kellie Wilson has provided these top tips.

Use this fun and interactive game to introduce your learners to equality & diversity. This can be used as a starter activity or in a lesson to cover legislation.

Need to deliver E&D, discuss legislation, news about employment law? This is an excellent website with resources that can be adapted to suit any lesson, with easy to use games to encourage learners to participate.

E&D Top Tips

The following top tips are from Angela Stevenson:

  • Ensure all inappropriate behaviour is addressed and dealt with immediately.
  • Ask yourself "are your learners prepared to work in a multi-cultural and diverse society?" If not how can you prepare them?
  • Utilise tutorial sessions to promote issues around equality and diversity.
  • Give learners the opportunity to share their own views and discuss their own experiences.
  • Recognise and share learners' achievement. Ensure you show evidence of planning for Equality and Diversity
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