A Very Important Day

By: Madicyn

Interview with Jihan and Her Very Important Day.

Question: Did you feel good or bad once you were an American citizen?

Jihan: I felt great once I became an American citizen because I wanted to be part of the U.S.A!

Question: But were you nervous at all?

Jihan: Yes I was because I thought I could not do the oath but it turns out I could.

Question: Did you like your waffles?

Jihan: Yes but I was so excited that I did not finish them.

Question: Do you love being an American citizen?

Jihan:Yes I do because it is amazing.

Question: did you travel far?

Jihan: Yes I did but now I don't have to.

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Jihan's Important Day

Her Important day starts at the diner when she told the waiter why she wanted pancakes.

After her breakfast she went to the big important part of the day. After the big ceremony she was very existed.