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Flower Fun

How to plant flowers

The supplies you will need will be: any kind of seeds, a watering can, shovel, gloves, dirt, and the beautiful sunshine!

First, put your gloves on and get ready to get messy.

Next, take your shovel and dig 3 holes, make sure they are halfway, but not too deep.

After that , put your seeds in your 3 holes when you have done that put the dirt on top of your seeds.

Lastly, take your watering can that is filled with water and sprinkle it over your 3 little dirt holes that have your seeds in them. Make sure you keep watering your plants and checking them. Let them grow for over 2 or 3 days.

Finally, come back and check your plants, they should look good and be gorgeous because they had all the resources they needed. Hopefully your flowers turned out the way you wanted them to be. Happy Gardening

Picture Caption: This is a Hibiscus flower after planting it, and letting it grow.

Building a Bomb Shelter

Monday, April 23rd 1962 at 12pm

Franny or Uncle Otts house in the Laundry

Come and help us build a Bomb Shelter.

Days: April 23rd, 1962 and April 24th, 1962

Click the link attached,and fill out the sheet if you want to help!