Soft Skills

By: Garrett Richardson


Examples of Dependability are: getting to work on time, turning in work on time and have good consistent good quality work. Being known as dependable at work is always good because people know you get your work done so they will give you bigger and better projects. Employers will like that you're dependable and maybe give you a higher position or a raise.


Honesty in the workplace is critical because you want to trust your coworkers to get stuff done during the workday. Honesty gives a good reputation in the workplace because coworkers will trust you with more work. It creates a good atmosphere for everyone in the workplace and its a basic workplace need.

Time Management

Good time managing skills are always good to have in the workplace, You will be able to get your done on time and know how to schedule out that work so you can complete it quickly. If you have good time management skills you will able to multi task very well with multiple things. You will know how to use your time efficiently and know when to cut out things that are not needed to get more work done.