Mrs. Whitlock's Weekly Updates

November 10-14

Important Dates

Monday, November 10: Homework Packet #10 due

November 10-12: Reading/Language Arts Benchmark Assessments

November 17-21: FSA Scholastic Book Fair

Wednesday, November 19: Chapter 4 Science Test

Thursday, November 20 at 6PM: FSAPS Family Thanksgiving Dinner

Friday, November 21: First Grade Friendsgiving

November 24-28: No School - FSA Closed for Thanksgiving Break

Monday, December 1: Science Fair Projects due!

Exciting Explorations in First Grade!

For the next two weeks we will be learning all about the Mayflower, Pilgrims, the Wampanoag, and the First Thanksgiving. The focus of the lessons are:
1. Understanding the experiences and hardships encountered by the Pilgrims on their voyage to the New World and in establishing a new settlement.
2. Discovering how two very different groups of people in the New World lived.
3. Exploring the different aspects of Plimoth colony's first harvest feast.

We will be doing lessons in Reading, Language Arts, and Science each day. Students will have the opportunity to take virtual field trips aboard the Mayflower, pack imaginary bags for their trip to America, read/watch interviews with Pilgrims and Wampanoag, and much more! Homework will be aligned to what we are covering in our lessons. Our unit will culminate on Friday, November 21 with our First Grade Friendsgiving.

Also, this week in Social Studies we started working on an in-class map project. Students have been tasked with creating an imaginary place and representing it on a map. They are tasked with including at least 3 landforms and at least 2 bodies of water, all of which are represented on a map key. Students also are tasked with naming their new place and its features as well as including a compass rose. We worked on our rough drafts this past week and will be working on our final drafts in the upcoming week. Students have gotten really excited about naming their places and creating unique landforms, and I'm very excited to see the end result. Please note that this assignment is purely done in class and will not be done at home.

Letter Writing

For the past few weeks, we have been working on writing letters. We have learned the appropriate way to head and sign a letter, and discussed topics that may be found in a friendly letter. Students practiced writing a letter to their parents. We edited these together and worked on writing our home address as well as our school address on the envelope. Then we stamped them and took a mini-field trip on Thursday to our school mail box. Expect a letter in the next few days if you haven't already received one!

Art Barn Field Trip!

Hands-On Learning at the Farm!

We had a blast at the Art Barn! Students were able to paint pictures of chickens, look at chicken eggs and pet some hens and roosters, brush and pet various other animals (goats, sheep, horses, and donkeys), see Pickles the pig, go on a hayride, look at the farm's vegetable garden, and watch bees make honey in their hives. I even got to hold a very large hen (it was my first time handling a chicken)! We learned all about compost and how the farmers reuse animal waste to create healthy soil for plants, which connects wonderfully with our unit on plants and animals. Ask your child about the various things they learned - we all learned something new!

If you would like to see more pictures from our Kindergarten-2nd grade field trip, check out our flickr website!

A Peek at our Week

In addition to studying the events leading to the First Thanksgiving and working on our map projects, we will be continuing our chapter on plants and animals. We have been learning about how scientists classify different plants and animals, and this week we will look at how animal young is alike and different from their parents.

During a portion on our language arts and reading time, we will be having our Unit 2 Benchmark Assessment. This gives us a good idea where students are with reading comprehension, recognizing high frequency words, phonics, and writing. The data gleaned from these assessments will be very helpful for both you and me in giving your child the best support possible!

This Week's Spelling Words: the, one, do, yellow, look, you, was, are, they, have, two, that, is, to, three