Millennials Summary

What I learned

What/ Who are Millennials?

Millennials, or generation Y, are any people born around or near the year 2000. Gen
Y prefer flexible work hours as apposed to the common 9-5 schedule. They also crave feedback and constant praise for their good work. Millennials are in a mind set of working to live, rather than living to work. ( A trait of the generation before them)

What type of worker is a Millennial?

Gen Y prefer more hours to themselves and would be perfectly happy with a remote working position. Gen y grew up in a time when acceptance of others was at a high, so they will be more open to new people and things and ideas. Millennials value purpose over money and power, and will expect praise because their parents were more nurturing and helpful in their learning early on. Gen Y does not much care for titles in the workplace, and see's everyone as more of an equal. Often times it is true that a Millennial will believe they could honestly teach their boss a thing or two!

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