Shirley Jackson's Stories of Evil

Juliauna Solomon

My definition of Evil

My definition of evil is when you do something to someone to cause them pain and misery to their life.

In all three stories by Shirley Jackson all have some sort of evil, or cause misery and suffering to someones life. "The Lottery", "The Possibility of Evil", What a Thought"

Each of the stories could relate to Shirley's life or something that she witnessed in it, then made it into a story. It teaches us how cruel and ruthless people really can be.

Dogs Save Old Lady

An 80-year-old woman faced near tragedy when she fell in a field in Gloucestershire, England, getting stuck in a bush for more than 15 hours. But, the U.K.'s Daily Mirror reports, four rottweilers came across the woman and saved her life.

Dave Malt and his nephew were taking Tillie, Billy, Gerrard and May — all rottweilers — for a walk when they let the pups roam off their leashes. They reportedly bolted to the spot where the elderly woman lay, with Malt following behind. He came across the prone woman with one of his dogs gently licking her.

The woman was promptly taken to the hospital, where she was treated for the effects of exposure and is recovering from a scary fall — all thanks to the keen noses of Tillie, Billy, Gerrard and May.