Fine Arts Gala

Seton's Exquisite Archives Of Influential pieces of Art

All students, their families and staff are invited!

The Seton community is proud to welcome our student's parents/guardians to our Marvelous and incredible Fine Art's Gala on May 28th starting at 6:00 to 9:00 PM. Opening its doors with a fundraiser. The Seton community is wanting YOU to do your bit to help fund the children's extracurricular equipment for the next school year. After this spectacle fundraiser, the very brilliant performers will present a astonishing production and the most influential pieces of music of this generation. So what are you waiting for? Come on down and enjoy ...
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Fine Arts Gala's Silent Auction

Thursday, May 28th, 6-7pm

10845 Hidden Valley Dr

Calgary, AB

  • Gallery's Auction will be in Seton's Gymnasium

Fine Arts Gala's Perfomences

Thursday, May 28th, 7:30-9pm

10845 Hidden Valley Dr

Calgary, AB

  • Performances will be executed in the Seton's Gymnasium


  • Silent Auction 6:00-7:00
  • Performances (Theater/Orchestra) 7:30-9:00

Or please call directly to the school at:

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