The South "We're Down There"

Like all the way down there

Why we Rock

  1. Contrary to What the North Says, We Have More and Bigger Rocks
  2. We Have Florida
  3. We Have Loads More Money
  4. We Got Some Sweet Ports
  5. The North Buys Our Products
  6. We Have Strong Military Leaders
  7. Palm Trees

Fort Sumter Battle

Monday, April 1st 1861 at 10am to Sunday, April 14th 1861 at 11pm

Fort Sumter National Monument, Charleston County, SC, United States


We are going to win a war


8:30-9:00 Karen Cook Pre-War Picnic

9:00-9:30 Karen Serves Pre-War Picnic

9:30-9:40 Karen Cleans up Pre-War Picnic

9:40-10:00 Men March to Fort Sumter

10:00-11:00 PM(14th) Kill the Yankees

Why War?

Well you might be asking why we are going to war with the losers of the North, One reason is that they want to take our workers away from us and make the whole country poor. They also dont like that we are trying to grow revenue by having free labor in the western states. The North used the underground railroad to steal our property that we paid hard earned money for. I call Quadruple Dibs.

Leaders We Got

1. Jefferson Davis

2. Robert E. Lee

3. Stonewall Jackson

4. J.E.B. Stuart

5. Nathan Bedford Forest

6. James Longstreet

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