Child Soldiers

Helmuth Suarez

what human rights are being violated?

They are violating the children's freedom because most of the time the children are being forced to serve in the armed forces. But the Organization UNICEF is trying to get them to better places.The child soldiers are under the age of 18.These children are used as fighters, suicide bombers,cooks,human shields,messengers,spies and for sexual purposes. Some of the states where these children are being recruited are;Afghanistan,Colombia, India,Iraq,Israel,Mali,Libya,Sudan,Pakistan,Yemen and Syria.

Dangerous war

child soldiers In South Sudan.

Both parties in the south Sudan government have collected children from 13 years and up. This is considered a crime if the children are under 15 yrs old. Most of the time the children are forced to join. Their human rights are being violated because they are not yet supposed to fight in wars risking to get killed. also because they should have freedom to make their own desition.