Technology Tools in Education

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Wordle allows you to generate word clouds from text that you provide. You can add images to your word clouds. Once finished, you can print or save your wordles. Students can invite others to edit the wordles so they can work together. This is great for creating mind maps and brainstorming before beginning to write papers!


Padlet is an interactive white board. When given a link, students can write their note and put it onto the padlet. When on the site, they can see all of their peers' notes as well. Teachers can use this to ask questions, get feedback, or for students to ask questions.


Glogster is a website that lets students make interactive posters. It is a great alternative to making an actual poster board. Students can work on them as a group and add things to the project. They can add many different things like pictures, video, and text. This tool is great for making any school project more exciting!