Shelf Talker by Jenny Moore

HOOT by Carl Hiaasen

Do you like addicting books that you can't put down?

The book Hoot is about a young boy named Roy. Roy lived in the Montana mountains, when his dad got a great job offer, he and his family was forced to move to Florida. On Roy's first day of school in the Florida Keys, he noticed a strange boy running. The boy running was very misterious, he was running really fast, no shoes, no backpack, no shirt. Roy thought he might have been running to school, but no backpack. Roy looked all day for the strange boy, but he hadn't seen him all day at his new school. Later on in the story, Roy was deturmind to find this boy, after one long bus ride home, Roy spotted the boy. Roy chased his down, but he ran so fast and so far, Roy never caught up. The next free weekend he had, Roy went back to theplace he say this boy run. The boy had 3 black garbage back. Roy opened them all, he found clothes in the first one, trash in the next one, and 9 huge water moccasins in the next one. The snakes slithered around his feet, then he heard a deep voice say "why are you here, what do you want?" The boy said his name was mullet fingers.

Theme - Go with your heart.

“Sometimes you're going to be faced with situations where the line isn't clear between what's right and what's wrong.Your heart will tell you to do one thing and your brain will tell you to do something different. In the end, all that's left is to look at both sides and go with your best judgment.”
Carl Hiaasen, Hoot