Houston, Texas

By: Wesley Meyer

Humans and their environment. how do they interact?

Houston's most common natural resources is natural gas. There climates seasonly range from 90 degrees in the summer and 60 degrees in the winter. There major industries include energy and oil. Houston is located right of the coast of the gulf of mexico making oil drilling very easy for Texans.

Where is Houston located?

Texas is located 29.75 N 95.40 W. The continent Houston is located on is North America.

How people, things and ideas move in Houston.

Major forms of transportation include bus, metro rails, car and trolley. The residents of Houston usually wear shorts and shirts. People in Houston eat a lot of seafood and eat other meats they also grow peppers and tomatoes.

Houston interesting tourist attractions.

NASA Houston space center. The space center cost over 1 billion to build and after many flights it is now open to the public. The Houston zoo is also very interesting, it is the 7th most visited zoo in the united states it has 1.6 million visitors each year. The kemah board walk seems pretty fun too! it has a 50,000 gallon aquarium and is filled with lots of interesting birds. There is also an aquarium that hold 500,000 of water and fish and thats the Houston downtown aquarium it also has 200 different species of fish. The last interesting attraction in Houston is the Toyota center. It is the home of the Houston Rockets basketball team it also host many music artist concerts.

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The language most spoken in Houston, Texas is English with a southern accent. The ethnicity of Houston includes 49% White 25% Black or African american 16% some other race and 5% Asian. Religions of the city sorted by the most popular are Catholic, Baptist and last is other christian religions. Major cities around Houston are San Antonio and Austin. One last intresting fact is that Houston is the 4th largest city in Houston