Ronnie Solan

Child Tantrums & Its Importance In Child Development Psychology

When the child hits the age of two, the parents brace themselves up for the tantrums. Child tantrums are one of the difficult phases of child development that parents have to deal with. According to child psychologists, child tantrums say a lot about what the child is thinking and wants. And, this very trait goes a long way to define what you are today. Reading a book on child development psychology may throw a better light on this behavior.

However, there are a lot of things that parents can learn about their child and child development psychology. Here are few observations that psychologists have put forward.

Tantrum Throwing is a way of conveying a message

Since a child doesn’t know how to speak nor has an advanced vocabulary to say what he or she wants, throwing tantrum is the only way they know. Right from their birth, they are aware that if they cry, their parents will immediately attend to their needs; tantrum is used by them to tell them they need something. Tantrum throwing doesn’t always have to be negative.

Tantrums are more of an emotional Response to something

At the tender age of two, a child is still adapting to the environment and learning the ways of the world. A tantrum is merely a response to a change to environment they are so familiar with. When the sequence breaks they have hard time dealing with the change. For instance, when a child sees that his or her favorite toys are with someone else, they start throwing tantrum. This is nothing but an emotional outburst that they want their toys back but can’t say so. A book on child development psychology can help you grasp the idea better.

Dealing with Child’s Tantrum

A lot of parents find themselves at loss when their child starts throwing tantrums. But, there are simple but effective ways to deal with tantrums on a daily basis. When your child starts throwing tantrums, keep your cool and try to calm the child with a hug or holding them close. This assures them that they are safe and soon the problem is forgotten. Sometimes, parents have to be really tough with their children, so when the child no longer listens to you, you need to shout a bit to show that you will not have it. It may sound cruel, but maintaining boundaries is important. Over the time, the child learns that he or she cannot have everything they demand. As a parent, it is important that you don’t give in no matter what happens.

How It Affects your Life Later

Those kids who have their way in their childhood will find that they have difficulty dealing with people in their adult life. A child so used to getting everything, will never take no for an answer. Such kids when they grow up will have difficulty in getting along with others and often throw tantrums or show anger when things don’t go their way. So, it is vital that parents deal with the tantrum situation early so that their kids can grow up to be more accepting.

Child tantrums are important part of child development process and needs to be taken seriously by the parents. If you are having problems in dealing with your child tantrums, a book on child development psychology can help you. For more information, visit