Career Spotlight

Aerospace Engineer

Job Description

Humans have always longed to fly and to make other things fly, both through the air and into outer space.... aerospace engineers are the people that make these dreams come true. They design, build, and test vehicles like airplanes, rockets, missiles, satellites, and spacecraft.

What education you need to be an aerospace engineer.

Its realy nothing extreamly complicated. Realy all you need is a bacholers degree in engineering.

Things they do/make/design

Money Made

They make around $102,420 a year. Before taxes. This is a starting salary. This is what you start at. So you can get a raise and make even more.

Who will hire you?

Componies like Northrop Grumman Corporation NASA Lockheed Martin

Personal Qualities you should have to be an aerospace engineer.

Chemistry, physics, computer science, algebra, geometry, calculus, computer science, English; if available, applied technology, statistics