Taking the Thailand T8 Form

The existing Thailand T8 form asks that you fill in your own name, birth date, nationality, passport number, and any other details required. Once you've finished this section you'll be asked to list all your travelling and living structures.


The Thailand T8 Form is just one of many travel advisories for Thailand throughout the forthcoming COPIA-19 pandemic. This is an eleven-day Chinese quarantine period that starts on April 1st and runs until May 4th. The form is easy to complete and involves completing some simple info, submitting any relevant documentation to confirm the identity and also to declare that, as of this time, the traveller is symptom free.

The basic reasons for carrying a Thailand T8 health declaration form are to avoid contracting the deadly swine flu (H3N2) virus. This avian infection is highly contagious among human beings. It may be transmitted via direct contact, such as touching an object that's been utilized by a symptomatic person. However, it may also be transmitted via busy settings and via aerosols, like from cooking pots and air conditioners, aerosols dismissed by enthusiasts, and via coughing or sneezing. A healthy individual can become infected with the H3N2 virus without being conscious of it unless they have endured a severe infection and a health evaluation has been completed.

The existing Thailand T8 form asks that you fill in your name, birth date, nationality, passport number, and any other details required. Once you've completed this section you will be asked to list all of your travelling and living arrangements. You'll need to give information about your present height, weight, current body type, and whether or not you are a smoker. The last thing is very important; you should say whether you are a heavy or moderate consumer of tobacco. Thailand regards tobacco users as high-risk travellers and those using or carrying syringes also needs to take exceptional precautions. You should immediately consult with your physician or travel clinic if you become sick or have some symptoms which were confirmed as being caused by this disease.

The Thailand T8 form can be completed in person at the Thai Health Insurance Agency (THIA). This office is situated inside the Department of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok. You can locate the office in certain maps and signage throughout Thailand. When you complete the form you will have to submit an application for payment by means of a foreign exchange.

When you get the Thai Health Insurance Agency for a Thailand T8 type done in person, they'll ask you a few questions related to your travel history and present health conditions. Then you'll need to complete the form together with the prescribed photographs. Further data may be requested, based upon your particular case. The completed form will then be sent to a preferred medical consignment facility for transport to the Thailand Health Insurance Centre at Chiang Mai.

You might want to get hold of the Thailand Health Insurance Centre in your house country first if you are unsure of their contact details. A number of them operate 24 hours and are more than pleased to aid you with any questions you may have. They will ask you for your passport and other pertinent documents before they issue you along with your insurance card.