The Numbat Creature

Jeanne Cabral

The Introduction

Black, Brown,Grey, White, Tan, and Red. This animal is barley found on this Earth because is endangered and we really need to help them. This animal is called a Numbat. Numbats are intelligent marsupials.

Eating Habits

Numbat has a eating habit, their eating habit are termites, ants, and insects . Their favorite is termites. They spend the daylight hours hunting for termites. Numbat have strong front claws and long tongues, which means they use to get termites out their nests. Numbat are omnivorous animal, but it's diet of their food. Adult can eat more than 30.000 termites in just on day!!

Body Features

Numbats has special features: long,snout,and striped. They can only live for 8 years. Numbat run a little fast ( 15 mph )/ 24 km. The creature has a small size, including baby Numbat, they are 5 times smaller than adult Numbats.

Baby Numbats

The creature breeding season between January & May, when female Numbat gives birth to average of four babies. The Numbat babies quickly attach to the mother Numbat"s. The babies are not left by their mother until the babies are a few months old, when she leave to search food. The female leaves her babies in the burrow and comes back to give them milk.

The Conclusion

These intelligent marsupials & small creatures are now endangered. These Numbats are mix with different colors, I think they are hard to find!
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