you absolutely dazzle me!

Make it a November to REMEMBER...

WE DID IT - and we did it with joy and style!

I am in awe of you girls. I still am wrapping my head around the fact that we did it! We did it together! WE ARE A SENIOR DIRECTOR TEAM! Congrats to ALL of you....whether you sold one pair of studs, had one trunk show, had your best month ever - YOU were EACH a part of this huge team accomplishment! And warm heartfelt thanks to all of the leaders who inspired their teams, rallied for sales, and zoomed ahead as gorgeous pace cars! Cheers to our STAR LEGS! Ann Heffelfinger, Megan Harkin, Stefanie Ott and NEWLY promoted Laurie leaders are shining brighter than ever!
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sooooo...who is our lucky incentive winner???

I did not forget....the list has been made and I'm giving away a $300 gift card! Altogether on this team we earned 294 entries into this contest!!! Can you believe it? I CAN! I believe in you ladies and all you do - whether it is strumming up the courage to hand out a mini and ask for someone's contact info. Whether it is offering a trunk show at check out. Whether it is calling up someone on your chicken list to book a show. Whether it is complimenting someone about being a total natural at styling and inviting them to learn more about life as a stylist. I believe in you from the tippy top of my head down to my big toe. THAT is one of my secrets to success.....POSITIVE THINKING!

So enough rambling....who is our lucky sassy gift card winner?!?!!?


So here's the deal - YOU MUST post to our team page WHERE you would like the gift card to and how you are going to use it. Let us celebrate vicariously through you!

Would love to see you tomorrow! Swing by for brainstorming, inspiration, and a celebration

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Kudos Time!

I know we are in the middle of GO-VEMBER, but let's take a look back at all the awesomeness of October. 17 promotions - yahoo!!!!!!!!!!


Alison Maugeri 11802.09

Stefanie Ott 11138.46

Melissa Bryan 10523.55


Laurie Falcon 7864.87

Kristina McKillop 7145.57

Amy Pasqua 5778.19

Katherine Foster 5437.97

Jennifer Francis 5282


Megan Wittmann 4544.45

Michele Farnese 4323.39

Ericha Guzzetti 4182.2

Lauren Harrington 3985

Kelly Smith 3973.4

Kaylia Austin 3808.54

Meghan Scott 3653.64

Laura Hillis 3476.4

Ashley Janis 3279.74

Shannon Burgwald 2977.23

Kim Macomber 2922.01

Taryn Stabler 2855.4

Kristina Schultz 2726.61

Alexis Maguire 2640.8

Erin Kohrherr 2589.1

Athalea Bradley 2577.2

Kaitlin Cole 2537.4

Christine Valenti 2533.4

Megan Harkin 2474.07

Marla Salezze 2414.9

Debbie Oddi 2397.11

Ann Heffelfinger 2324.4


Stephanie Meyer 2254

Beth Quartel 2095.9

Elisabeth Stevens 2023.3


Bridget Evans 1986.6

Kellie Fletcher 1985.6

Rebecca Luna 1899.32

Nikki Lynne Stephanou 1793.1

Jennifer Corson 1764.8

Kristin Lawlor 1650.4

Bonnie Frain 1649.5

Suzy Albert 1586.7

Megan Filipowicz 1559.97

Michelle Lausch 1559.62

Melanie Medendorp 1555.8

Laura Steele 1497.848

Karen Krepper 1490

Diana Clavin 1442.7

Alison Levandowski 1425.5

Danielle Guarino 1415.6

Rachel Cogan 1406.8

Bernadette Yeager 1399.67

Holly Herbener 1388.76

Ashley Keffer 1381.98

Jeanine Nau 1345.19

Heather Irwin 1287

Liz Weber 1275.4

Sandra Mc Grath 1248.24

Pamela Sullivan 1239.5

Elizabeth English 1233.8

Amy Troutman 1199.47

Brittany Youngman 1143.91

Lindsay DeFruscio 1135.78

Margo Bracken 1090.3

Lisa Gombas 1037.5

YAHOO! YOU QUALIFIED! Month #1 for the Consistency Bonus!

Kati Ayres 984.3

Adriana Lusardi 974.7

Carolyn Bowden 934.5

Daniela Glomb 900.5

Melissa O'Hara 894.5

Hillary Strickland 878.3

Julie Weller 862.77

Denise Sullivan 851

Cassandra Queen 844

Mary McGarr 825.6

Elsie Arzola 808.2

jenna robertson 795.5

Joann WInters 781.5

Adina Rauch 776

Jennifer Blunk 772.1

Nicole Corso 743

Megan Carmosky 729.6

Shannon Llewellyn-Jones 723.77

Debbie Roman 718.7

Christina Catalano 715.8

Aimee Cuniglii 715.4

Linda Lyons 709.6

Amanda Hurley Roberts 706

Courtney Coleman 694

Natalie Barlick-Reed 693.9

Allison Rago 685.8

Kathleen Riccio 671.9

Tanya Clemens 670.5

Melissa Scarabino 654

Jennifer Pasierb 632.1

Scarlett Nawrocki 627

Julie Rossley 622.2

amy wrobel 615

Debra Gail Martin 612.95

Kimberly Benny 593.93

Michelle Babb 593.2

Ann Marie Phillips 590.6

Susan Lopez 572.4

Katrina Thoene 566

Kathryn Schaible 563

Julie Inderbitzen 556.14

Ardis Pitone 555.4

Laura Lutz 549.2

Christine Sexton 543.4

Lindsay Darlington 522.36

Tracy Wilson 506.3

Lisa Mann 502

Elizabeth Wolinski 501.3

Starting a Conversation that Matters and Giving the Gift of the Opportunity!

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Your new title looks gorgeous on YOU!!!!!!

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Cheers to these gorgeous Associate Stylists!!!!! Some of these amazing girls are in their jumpstart and earned $800 in product credit for rocking leadership right from the start!

The Power of Pacing Partners!

This is JUST the beginning of your leadership journey! Any one of these gals would be AMAZING team members to reach out to and pace together! Learn from one another...inspire one another...brainstorm together and even cross coach your stylists!