Sexual Health Curriculum

Input Opportunity

Family Input Opportunity: Comprehensive Sexual Health Education Curriculum Identification Task Force

The Comprehensive Sexual Health Education Curriculum Identification Task Force is working to identify curriculum materials that will be used by Meridian Schools later this year. For more information about the Comprehensive Sexual Health Education requirements or the materials identification process, please see the FAQ on Meridian’s website.

Before the sexual health education lessons are taught in school, families will have the opportunity to review the selected materials and may choose to opt their children out of the lessons if they feel that is the correct choice for their family.

A short list of materials are currently under consideration. All of these materials have been reviewed by OSPI and the Department of Health and are in alignment with the requirements of Senate Bill 5395. Most of the curriculum materials under consideration include more lessons than are needed to meet the requirements of the statute. In addition to identifying the curriculum that will be used, the task force will recommend the lessons from the curriculum that should be taught.

Families are invited to provide additional input on the materials under consideration using this survey link. If you are interested in providing input, please complete the survey by January 10.

If you have questions, please contact Adrienne Somera, Director of Teaching and Learning at

Publisher information about the materials being reviewed by the identification task force

Families can learn more about the materials being reviewed by the task force by looking over information provided by the curriculum publishers.

Puberty the Wonder Years (being considered for 4th and 5th grades):


Additional Information:

Positive Prevention Plus (being considered for 4th-12th grades):


3Rs: Rights, Respect, Responsibility (being considered for 4th-12th grades)


FLASH (being considered for 6th-12th grades):


Parent preview website: