Armanjot Sohal

All About Me

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Who I am

My name is Armanjot Sohal. I am 16 years old and in grade 10. I go to Louise Arbour secondary school. Something that I really like is riding a ATV on the fields. I almost do that each and everyday after school and early mornings on the weekends. My hobbies are cars, motor cycles, ATV's and sleeping. My religion is Sikh and my family is from India. The subject I love the most is physical education. something I would like to do this year is have a average of 82% for grade 10 finals. People find me as a loud and a funny person, I will be around someone I never met and a couple minutes after I will have them fully entertained.

Leaderships Style

I see my self as a "leader as a Persuader" because I always push my buddies to do stuff and I work with them. this is a leadership style where someone encourages others to participate and uses everyone's strengths to complete a task, makes final decisions based on everyone's input. In school group activities, I do my part of the job and push my peers to work faster so we can have some extra free time. I like ti get things done at first and after relax. I'm a person who does all the work I am told in the timeline I'm given but sometimes I don't use my time appropriately.

My Main Influences

Some people that influence me are my friends. my friends are my influences because at school and at home I'm mostly with them and the way i am they turn that way or I turn into a way they are. For example if i like a course they would also like it but if there are things out there they like such as cars i would also like it because when we all hang out we start thinking the same way. My friends are great influences to me because one ever someone is mad or angry we all try to clam him down or if its me they try to clam me down. My friends like to stay out of fights and we would just walk away and take the friend away so there is no trouble caused. We all deal with our business and don't like to get involved in other people's business.

Role Model

My role model is my dad because I look up to him, not because he is taller than me but all the great stuff he has done in life. He always kept me on track and to the good side of life than the bad. He is a very hard working guy and that's why he's my role model. To be a successful person in life you need to be hard working.

Personality test Results

1. Interests Survey- I think this is the most accurate survey because my interests are making things and the result i got was a developer.

2. True colours Survey- I think this is the second most accurate survey result because the colour I got was orange and that means Adventurous.

3. Knowledge Survey- I think this is the third most accurate survey results I got because the result was Technical and trade and i love fixing things and I am really good at fixing things.

4. Personality Survey- I think this is the fourth accurate survey because it says I'm comfortable in groups and I love working in groups than independently

5. Learning styles Survey- This is the fifth most accurate survey because it has a description of touching and doing things and that is the type of a person I am. I like to do hand used activities.

6. Motivations Survey- This is the sixth most accurate survey because my result was Independence which i am not.

7. Right brain VS. left Brain Survey- Is the seventh most accurate survey my result was right brain.

8. Compatibility Survey- is the eighth most accurate survey

9. Holland Career test- I did not relate myself to this survey at all. I didn't even get this survey

Most helpful Survey

I think the most helpful survey was the interests survey because the result I got after doing the survey was a Developer. it also listed jobs such as a contractor. My dad is getting a custom built home made in Caledon and I'm always helping around there. Since we started to make the house I wanted to continue making homes and selling them. This is because when your making a house, you learn so many new things. you use you education to help keep you budget and your communication while communicating to people. While making a house you put good stuff in your house and have it the way you want it. I'm a hands on person. This was definitely the most helpful survey.

Least Helpful Survey

The least helpful survey that I would say was the Motivations survey. I think this because I am a loud person and a person who loves talking and the result of that survey was independent. I think this survey was the most inaccurate. I hate being independent and my mark for independent work has always been low.


My best strength would be working. I would say this because I can work for really long hours and not get as tired. I know this because since my family is making a house, I go there almost everyday after school to help out and come home once it gets dark.

My second strength would be listening. Listening is one of my strengths because I can follow directions really well and I can listen to people very accurately.

My third strength would be communicating to people. I love talking and once I have someone to talk to I will find a random topic to talk about and have a good conversation with that person.

my last strength would be staying clam. I hardly get angry and mad at people. Well there are days where your just mad but those days barley come to me which is a great thing. If i do get mad with someone I usually get back talking to them fairly quick.


My top weakness would be waking up. I can stay up all I want but for me waking up is the biggest struggle in life. I HATE WAKING UP IN THE MORNINGS. I feel comfortable waking up around 9:30 but that usually never happens because my school starts at 8:40.

My second weakness would be writing. I don't like to write. I always make mistakes while writing and I totally hate writing. for example I hate to text so I will rather call the person and talk to them.