Picture Book Smackdown!

A Google Hangout On Air Event

Picture Book Smackdown: A Celebration of Picture Book Month

Thursday, Nov. 21st, 10-11am

This is an online event.

Students, librarians, and authors will gather in a Google Hangout On Air to share some of their favorite picture books over the course of one hour. Please save this page to access the live stream on 11/21. Please note that the start time is 10:00AM EST. The video stream will appear approximately 15 minutes before the start time.

Participants Include:

  • Andy Plemmons, school librarian in Athens, Georgia
  • Jenny Lussier, school librarian in Durham, Connecticut
  • Cathy Potter, school librarian in Falmouth, Maine
  • Kathy Kaldenberg, school librarian in Solon, Iowa
  • Shawna Ford, school librarian in Weatherford, Texas
  • Ame Dyckman, author Boy + Bot, Tea Party Rules, and more
  • Laurel Snyder, author of The Longest Night, Good Night Laila Tov, and more

Speakers will:

  • Step to the microphone
  • Say their name & grade
  • Show their picture book
  • Share the title and author
  • Give a blurb about the book
  • Share what makes the book a great picture book or why picture books matter
  • Finish in about 1 minute each!

Picture Book Smackdown 2013