January 5-8

What happened this week?

Welcome back Brown Bears! The Bears were so excited to be back, learning with their friends. I do have some somewhat sad news that I think most of you know about, Andre's family has moved to their brand new home in Sugarland and Andre will be attending a school near his home. While we're sad to lose a great friend, we're so happy that they're settling into their new home and neighborhood. We'll miss you Andre! Don't be a stranger!

This week we really enjoyed each other and playing with friends we hadn't seen in a couple of weeks. The kids have really had a great week. We did some letter and number reviews this week to get back in the swing of things. We also did a fun little snowball project.... Ask your kids how many snowballs high their name is!

We also began work jobs. This is a project that we'll be working on through the end of the year. Work jobs are 10 small individual lessons that the kids have 2 weeks to complete on their own. Once they've completed 10 lessons, they get to ring a bell and get big cheers from their friends. We will continue with this throughout the year with 10 new lessons every 2 weeks for a final total of 100 work jobs. Once everyone completes all 100 work jobs, we're going to have a HUGE party!

We also had a great time this week acting out the Three Little Pigs! We acted it out in large group and then left the materials in the block center for them to act out on their own while "reading" the story. Take a look at some of our action shots as well as some photos of the kids working on their work jobs. We're so proud of them and so excited that they're up to the challenge!

What's happening next week?

We will return to learning the letter of the week and will begin with the letter L. Don't forget show and tell on Thursday! We will also continue with work jobs and will be acting out many stories over the next couple of weeks. We'll be discussing life lessons and have chosen several fairy tales that give good advice!

Dates to remember.....

1/18/16 School Closed: MLK Holiday

1/25-1/26 Open House and School Tours

2/13 SMEP Gala

2/15 School Closed: President's Day