ASD Resources

Welcome to the 19-20 School Year!

New to ASD Educator Support: All professional staff within first 3 years of working with students with ASD can receive support through OS. Sign up on MiPlace beginning in September! Our goal is to increase capacity and retention of new staff working with students with ASD.

Listservs: ASD, RCN (members only), SE teachers, School Psychs, Social Workers, SLP's. Make sure your staff are signed up to applicable listservs to receive information and to ask questions to fellow colleagues around the county.

START Regional Collaborative Network (RCN): Invitation only group. Meets six times throughout school year from 4:00-6:00 at Oakland Schools. Goal is to have two START trained members from each school district. RCN members, along with other START trained staff, are your coach leaders in your district to help support your programs for students with ASD.