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15-16 Sawnee Tech News Vol. 12

Mystery Skype

Microsoft in Education extends Mystery Skype to classrooms. Student engage in a 45-60 minute critical thinking activity while participating in a Skype session with another class. You can connect with other classes all over the world (or a class down the hall) so your students can learn how people live in different places! Mr. Solarz' webpage offers good tips and suggestions if you want to try this in your class.
Mystery Skype Connecting Classrooms Around The World


Check out this free, interactive whiteboard and screencasting app. This is available for iPad. Teachers can create short instructional videos or students can create how-to videos to share what they know to help others learn.


Often we ask kids, "What did you learn today?" Consider shifting your focus from "What did you learn?" to "What did you create today?" Makerspaces are places where people (think-students) can come together to create, invent, and learn. There are lots of tools and DIY projects that come together in a makerspace. Students benefit from MAKEing because they can cultivate their curiosity, solve problems, and overcome obstacles. Start small with a mini-makerspace in your classroom. Is your curiosity piqued? Discover more at #makerspace #makered , see what Pinterest has curated, or check out the newsletter below by Angela Rosheim for tips and tricks.
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