Civilization Project


In our civilization, Christianity is our religion. The main teaching of Christianity is that Jesus is the son of God. We are monotheistic, which means that we only worship one God who is the father of Jesus. We respect our God by going to church every Sunday and praying before we go to bed each night. The leaders of our religion are Archbishops.

Place of Worship

We gather at the Christian church for religious ceremonies. We also gather at the christian church every Sunday, which is our day of worship. Our church has large pillars at the entrance as well as on the inside it also has a large dome at the ceiling. In the dome, there is a painting of El Pablo getting the rules from God. There is also marble floors in the church. In addition, there are rows of many chairs for an ample amount of people to sit on every Sunday. The outside of the church has a big stone with El Pablo's rules written on it to remind people to listen to his rules. The outside of the church is made out of stone and has a wooden roof.


The non-believers in our civilization are not punished or treated differently, they are simple treated like the rest of us. Our civilization does not think that people should be punished because they have different beliefs. If people want to believe in a different religion other than Christianity, then they will have to do it under their own circumstances and can not practice other religions in the Christian church.

Church and State

The rules that God told the Prophet El Pablo are to not participate or commit any crime and to always be kind and pleasant to each other. These rules, which are told by God are also the basis for the laws in state. The Christian church and the state do rule together. They rule together because our civilization is heavily based off of Christianity, but non-believers are not referred to as different. This way, the Christian church and the state will not argue and create a war.


The most important Christian holidays in our civilization are Christmas and Easter. Christmas is when Jesus Christ was born so, it is a very important holiday in Christianity. Christmas is celebrated on December 25th every year. We celebrate Christmas every year in our civilization by giving and receiving Christmas presents. In our civilization, Christmas presents are given because it reminds us of the gift of God. We also go to church every Christmas were happy and cheerful Christmas carols are sang and where the story of Jesus Christ is retold by the children. Easter is another important Christian holiday and is considered the most important festival on the Christian calendar. Easter is also one of the oldest holidays in Christianity. Easter is a spring holiday and is celebrated on March 27th every year and is always on a Sunday. This is a holiday that celebrates Jesus' resurrection from the dead. Christmas and Easter are not the only Christian holidays that our civilization celebrates but they are diffidently the most important.