Abraham Lincoln

By: Hiro and Justin

Early life

  • Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky February 12, 1809
  • He was married to Mary Todd in November 4, 1842
  • He had four sons named Robert, Edward, William, and Thomas


  • He became president in 1860
  • The Kansas-Nebraska Act got him back into politics
  • The Emancipation Proclamation is when Abraham Lincoln freed all the slaves not controlled by the union


  • He first met his "murder" outside a speech near the white house
  • He got assassinated in Fords Theater Booth
  • He got murdered on April 14, 1865
  • He was buried in Lincoln Tomb in the Oak Ridge Cemetery

Random Facts

  • He got his nickname by winning a wrestling match against a town bully
  • He was 55 when he died
  • He was a attorney before he was president