Who killed Romeo&Juliet?

If anyone knows please call

Juliet was the reason Romeo and herself died. If Juliet did not act dead Romeo would not have killed himself or fought Paris and killed him. No one else could have been the reason both of them died. If it wasn't for her no one would be dead, except Tybalt. Juliet Drank something to make her sleep for a long time. My question is why would you do such a thing like act dead and you know you have loved ones who would do anything for you. Than Romeo drinks poison to kill himself because he thought she was dead. But when she wakes up she finds him dead, she later kills her self. She literally made her and Romeo die for no reason. Like, i am still trying to figure out WHY would she do it anyway.
"Romeo had killed himself with poison, but leaving none to follow him, she takes his dagger and kills herself". I get why Romeo killed his self but if he knew she wasn't dead he would not have done that. Why would Juliet do that anyway, I mean if you loved Romeo SO much why would you make your loved one suffer, thinking you where DEAD. Do you know how crazy you would have to be kill yourself because someone else did it.

(Act V, Scene III)

If it wasn't for Juliet, Paris, Romeo, and even herself would not even be dead. But if they where still alive, there would have been fighting for Juliet but its better than you & your loved one die. Why would you even try and kill yourself anyway if you wanted to be with Romeo in the first place. When Romeo seen Paris in the place where Juliet was laying they were fighting and he ends up killed. Juliet than caused two deaths back to back and they where they where the people who loved her.

(Act V, Scene III)

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