BAMS Staff Newsletter

February 9th, 2014 - Volume 1, Issue 18

Bessie Allen Middle School - SLO

By the end of the 2013-2014 school year, 100% of an identified population of struggling readers in 6th-8th grade will increase their Reading RIT score on the May MAP assessment.

Out of the Office

The following times I will not be in the building or will be out of the office:
  • February 11th - 9:30-11am - Admin Meeting
  • February 12th-14th - Out All Day - MS/HS Principals Convention in Wisconsin Dells

News and Notes

  • 6th Grade Transition - We are starting to think about setting our future 6th graders up for success next year. We have two tentative dates set for May 7th and May 14th for contact days. May 7th will be an after school event and May 14th will take place during our school day. I'll get you more information as our plans develop.
  • As you continue to analyze MAP and other mid-year data, be thinking about if a more Targeted intervention is needed for any of your students. Our new RtI documents are located on the district website and should be filled for the Tier I level whenever concerns begin to surface. If your team feels a Tier II or Tier III intervention is needed, please include me our on those conversations.
  • We will now be using Aesop for any and all absences. Some adjustments have been made since we began using Aesop, so I'm confident this tool will meet our needs better. If you have any questions or need any support, please talk with Joan, Jennifer, or myself.
  • All district administrators will be sending out our Leadership Skills Inventory survey to our staffs on Wednesday. This is a great opportunity for me to grow as a principal and leader. When the survey comes out, please take a minute to provide me with some feedback. I am continually self-reflecting and see areas I would like to improve in. I really appreciate knowing what your thoughts are.

Oriole Way

  • Thank you for the discussion at the last staff meeting. Our conversations about student behaviors will certainly be ongoing. Whenever question arise, please talk to another staff member and get their professional opinion. I'm confident in us to make appropriate shared decisions.
  • If at any time you need behavioral data on a student, please speak with Brandon. He would be happy to get you any data you need.
  • Next Meeting - February 12th at 7am

OASYS and Teacher Effectiveness

  • Mid-Year Review of SLO - Due Before February 15th
  • Mid-Year SLO Review Meeting (Year 3 Educators/Specialist) - Due Before February 17th *Please schedule this meeting through Joan.
  • Survey Analysis - Due Before February 15th
  • Documentation Log - Due May 1st
  • 2nd Observation - Due Before May 1st
  • 2 visits to another classroom - Due by the End of the Year

Dates to Remember

  • February 11th - 7th/8th Grade Band/Choir Trip - Milwaukee Symphony
  • February 12th - Oriole Way Meeting 7am
  • February 12th - Early Release
  • February 12th - PTO Fundraiser Party
  • February 12th - IMTC Meeting 4-5pm
  • February 14th - 8th Grade Ski Trip

Staff Meeting Agenda

Next Staff Meeting: February 11th, 2014 - 2:50-3:15pm

Agenda: 2014-2015 Schedule

  • Update and Review of Board Meeting
  • Holes in the Schedule
  • Next Steps

Early Release Agenda

February 12th, 2014

Please spend this day working on any district initiatives that you see appropriate. Here is North Fond du Lac, we call these Buffet Items. This is a great opportunity to cross some things off our list. We are all very busy and have much to do, I'm glad we can provide all of you with this flexible option to work.

Mystery Staff Member

Who am I?

  • I have eaten haggis and really enjoy it.
  • My childhood dog lived to be 19 years old.
  • I had my tonsils and adenoids out when I was 4 years old.

After reading the clues, email me with your guess of who this staff member is. The first 3 people to email me with the correct answer will get to prize from the "prize box".

Last week's Mystery Staff Member: Ken Geibel

Last week's winner(s): No One - way to stump us, Ken!