Building a Shelter

How to make shelter on a tropical island

Steps To Build Shelter


  • Palm Leaves
  • Tree Branches- two y-shaped or lean the ridge pole branch against a tree
  • Vines


  1. Find an area where the wind is calm and you are near water and preferably a food source.
  2. Put one of the y-shaped branches 1 foot deep into the sand. Pack down the sand around it to make sure it's secure.
  3. Place the second y-shaped branch 1 foot deep, at least your body's length away from the other one and make sure it is secure.
  4. Take a branch that is as long as the space between the branches and place it in the Y. That will be the ridge pole branch.
  5. Stack other branches against one side of the ridge pole branch to form the frame.
  6. Lay palm leaves on the ground to lay on.
  7. Place palm leaves on the frame of the shelter to protect you.

You can also make a lean-to shelter where you take a ridge pole branch and lean it against a tree and make the rest like above.