Noelia De Lara

  • Medusa Turns Out To Be Mortal
  • Medusa Was A Monster Not A God,Goddess,or Human.
  • Her Mother's Name Was Ceto
  • Her Father's Name Was Dhorkys
  • Her Children Were Pegasus, And Chrysaor

10 Facts

  • She Can Stop Anything In Her Way.
  • Perseus Was Able To Trick Her And End Up Killing Her.
  • No One Really Knows Her Birth Place But They Predict It Was Africa.
  • When She Was Cursed, She Had Snakes On Her Head.
  • She Was Born With Golden, Beautiful Hair.
  • If You Look Into Her Eyes You Will Be Turned Into Stone.
  • She Was The Only mortal In Her Sisters.
  • She Actually Had A Human Skull.
  • She Only Got Married Once.
  • Ever Since She Got Cursed She Was The Only Monster.