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Sunday, May 1, 2022

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Thank you to our families and volunteers who joined us, for our first in 2 years, full Family Faith In-Person session last week! It was wonderful to see our families (finally!) get together in learning and faith. We hope you enjoyed the activities presented and gained helpful resources in teaching your children.

We appreciate our volunteers who guided our teaching and provided our In-Person Family Faith resources! Thank you to Teri, Alexi, Jennifer, Lilianna, Octavio, Brianna and Carissa-we could not have put together this fun event without you!

Our next sessions of Family Faith is the week of May 22. Your completed surveys have been helpful as we plan our next classes. This week, we will reach out to our new volunteer catechists and teen support. Please check our upcoming Family Faith Newsletters for details regarding if class will be virtual or in-person.

Below are pictures from this fun event! In addition, a video to learn more about St. Maria Faustina and Divine Mercy Sunday.

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Story of Saint Faustina | Stories of Saints | Episode 71
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mass readings for sunday, may 1: Third Sunday of Easter

In our second weekend following Jesus' death and resurrection, Jesus showed himself, again, to His disciples.

As John describes in his Gospel, Jesus appears and welcomes the disciples to "come and have breakfast." This was quite a homely and welcoming invitation after a long night of fishing. In the Gospel, John further explains the dialogue between Jesus and Peter, showing His forgiveness and love to Peter. Jesus knows not only how to feed His people physically, but also spiritually as well!

Jesus knows our needs too. Take time to teach your children how to pray and the value of prayer and speaking to Jesus. Below is a link to our prayers, translated in English and Spanish. Encourage children to recognize Jesus' presence. Even though they may not "see" Him physically, we know we are in the presence of Jesus' love.

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Link to Mass Readings for Sunday, May 1

Translated in English and Spanish

Jesus Forgives Peter - John 21 | Sunday School Lesson and Bible Story for Kids

Activities for Family

A Miraculous Catch!

This weekend, we hear the story of the disciples' "miraculous catch," with the help of Jesus! Below is a craft to demonstrate this significant Gospel message of Jesus' love and hope for us!


  • Paper plate (or construction paper) for the background
  • Construction paper for the fish
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Plastic wrap and tape
  • String or yarn


  1. Color and decorate the background using the paper plate/construction paper. This is the breakfast plate to hold the fish.
  2. Cut out different sized fish. Arrange them on the plate. On each fish, write messages of love from Jesus. For example: "Love One Another", "Feed My Sheep", "Follow Me"
  3. Cover the fish on the plate using plastic wrap and tape.
  4. Use string/yarn to appear like a net on top of the plastic wrap.
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Weekly Family Form Survey

As a family, complete and submit this Family Form by Friday, May 6. This form counts towards attendance and participation in our Family Faith Program.

2022 Bishop’s Annual Appeal

Celebrating 40 Years— Continuing to Fan the Flame of Faith into Service

Holy Family Parish is at 81% of meeting our contribution goal for this year's Bishop's Annual Appeal! To date, pledges totaling $11,337.00 has been donated towards our $14,000.00 goal.

It is not too late to donate to this year's Bishop's Annual Appeal. We are grateful for the donations our parishioners have made! Kindly put your donations in an envelope labeled, "Bishop’s Appeal" and drop it in the collection baskets during Mass. Each gift, no matter how big or how small, is certainly welcome & greatly appreciated.

Donations from the Bishop's Annual Appeal benefits various ministries and areas throughout our Diocese. We truly appreciate your generosity and prayers. For more information about this year's Bishop Annual Appeal and ways to donate, click on this link:

Project IMT

Our youth were at their first ever Overnight Ignition Retreat this past weekend (April 22-24th) where they got to recharge, participate in contemplative prayer and re-ignite their enthusiasm for Next Level. Our youth are excited to bring their light and passion back to our parish!

Share your work!

snap a picture & share your crafts with us!

We welcome pictures of your children's projects and family engagement in Family Faith! Completion of the craft activities do count towards participation, so please feel free to email us a photo of the crafts that your children create! We will feature their work in our next Family Faith Newsletter!

  • Send photos to Once I receive your email, I will always send a reply email confirming I received it.
  • Include your child's first and last name (as you would want it to appear in the newsletter) and session your child is registered in Family Faith.
  • If you prefer we DO NOT include the photo in the next Family Faith Newsletter, please note that in your email.

Uplift Video of the Week!

A Perfect Catch while feeding your newborn..."just dad things!"

Cincinnati Reds fan, Jacob Kingsley, makes the catch of the game as he caught a fly ball while he holds AND bottle feeds his newborn! This viral video of the dad's catch shows Reds pitcher Jeff Hoffman lob a ball to Padres catcher Luis Campusano during the fifth inning. Campusano sends the ball flying into the seats behind home plate. Without getting up from his section 119 seat - or even disturbing his son who is in a sling and being fed with dad's left hand - new father Jacob Kingsley reaches up and snatches the ball from the air!

After the game, the Reds posted this moment to their Twitter page: "Catching a foul ball while bottle-feeding the baby... just dad things!"

Cincinnati Reds fan catches a fly ball feeds his newborn

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