An Interview W/ Mrs. McAlister

By: Gabrielle Funke

Do you Really Know Mrs. McAlister?

Mrs. Renae McAlister has a Bachelors of Science from North Texas. She has taught a total of 12 years! Mrs. McAlister taught 6 years of High School, and this is her second year at Richland High School. this year she is teaching Spanish 2Pre-AP and Spanish 3Pre-AP. Before she worked at Richland High School she was a volleyball coach.

So Many Questions So Many Answers

Her classroom has a 3 seater couch with curtains hanging over it and it has pictures of her and her family in the back of the classroom. She has deskes in groups all over the room.

She tries to control the room by pretty much never sitting down, so she can always be there for questions.

For teaching she plans multiple lessons a day. Like she will have the students play scrabble then bingo then a paper lesson.

She puts in 55-60 hours a week. not only just grading but lesson planing too.

The hardest thing with teaching is getting the kids to retain their vocabulary. she does not want to bore the students she wants the students to learn

She says the biggest reward is the relationship between her and the students threw the years. she told me that recently one of her previous students contacted her. And no student is going to contact a old teacher that they had no relationship with.

The self motivation for the job is a 9-10. she says that because without the self motivation you wont do good at work. and she says you can tell who is not self motivated because the teacher will usually just give paper assignments.