This week in class....

April 8th - April 12th


Saturday April 20th

Pizza Box Report Due

Monday April 22nd

Talent Show

Friday April 26th

Panther Day

Friday May 3rd

First Grade End of Year Testing

Monday 6th - Language Art/Reading

Tuesday May 7th - Math

Wednesday May 8th - Social Studies/Science

Field Day K-2

Thursday May 9th - 9am Conyers

Elementary Honors

Wednesday May 29th - 9am

End of Year Picnic

Wednesday May 29th - following Honors program


We are starting our unit on money. I encourage you to let you child use money from a piggy bank at home or purchase pretend money from the dollar store for your child to use while practicing. Being able to manipulate the coins when counting has a greater impact rather than drawing coins.

Games for Extra Practice.

Click on the following link to ABCya to play money games.

Grade 1

Learning Coins Game

Money Bingo Game

Grade 3

Learn to Count Money - choose count to .99

Grocery Ads Needed

The students will be using grocery ads in class. The students will shop through the ads and show the coin amount for each item purchased. If you could send in any ads that you may have from the newspaper at home or pick us up some from the local grocery store it would be greatly appreciated.

Pizza Box Reports - Due Monday 4/22

The students will create a report on pizza slices over one of the seven Historical Figures that were taught before Spring Break. The students created a baggy book that will be coming home this week which contains information on each of these figures.

More Information and a rubric will come home on Wednesday.

The students drew names in class. Below is which Historical Figure your child picked.

Chandler - Ben Franklin

Morgan - Theodore Roosevelt

Sean - Theodore Roosevelt

Madeline - Ben Franklin

Preston - Harriet Tubman

Caitlyn - Lewis and Clark

Noah - Thomas Jefferson

Brianna - Lewis and Clark

Terron - Harriet Tubman

Dylan - Sacagawea

Hayden - George Washington Carver

Dominic - Thomas Jefferson

Cadyn - Sacagawea

First Grade End of Year Test

Your child will be taking the Peachtree Academy End of Year Assessment for First Grade on May 6th, 7th, and 8th in the areas of Language Arts, Reading, Science, Social Studies and Math. This assessment was created by the first grade teachers based on the First Grade Georgia Performance Standards for Science and Social Studies and the Common Core Standards for Language, Reading, and Math. Your child will be tested over all content that was taught in these areas during first grade. Once they are graded, you will be contacting to schedule an appointment to view your child's results if you would like.

Weekly Test

Friday - Spelling Test

Spelling Words

Vowel Sound in saw














Check Out The Following Links For Extra Practice!