Pre-K Specials

NFS Curriculum Update :: November, 2013


PreK will visit the library each week for storytime and to select books. We will read stories about friendship, autumn, and Thanksgiving.


PreKindergarten students are being lead from speaking to singing and playing musically through song and rhyme. We are all aware that understanding in any field, heightens the enjoyent of an activity, and so it is in music. Through movement, singing and speaking in many different ways, children acquire an intuitive knowledge of the different elements that make up “music.” We are working on developing the ability to speak in rhythm at optimal pitch, as well as the use of the singing voice. We are responding to beat, tempo, style and form through movement. We will be singing alphabet songs that coorilate to the letters being studied in the classrooms. In October, we spent some time playing the rhythm sticks and maracas in various ways. We will continue playing these instruments and we will be adding drums and tambourines!


In Lower School PE we will continue to develop our physical fitness and work on muscular strength exercises. The class will be participating in a number of games this month that involve running jumping and dodging. We will also introduce the parachute and participate in cooperative group activities that involve creativity and imagination. Fun activities that the class will enjoy playing include What Time Is It Coach Adam and Blob Tag. The month will end with holiday activities involving Thanksgiving.


In November Pre-K students will continue to review all of the vocabulary we have learned thus far regarding numbers, colors, shapes, farm animals, etc. We will add to this vocabulary and work on descriptive opposites such as large and small. One of the benefits of working at a small school where teachers are allowed freedom to innovate with their curriculum is that plans can be amended as we learn new things. In consultation with Maria Feinman, Spanish grades 4 – 8, we realized our students don’t know the alphabet in Spanish as well as we would like! Therefore this month we will be working on learning the alphabet in Spanish. Be prepared for lots of singing at home!