Standardized Testing

Exactly why it does not work.

What is wrong with Standardized testing?

At first glance, absolutely nothing. Standardized testing is presented as an easy way to hold teachers and students accountable, perhaps even offer an accurate glance into the classroom. Proving, it seems, if a schools staff is effective or ineffective. This is not a fair situation for the students testing, nor the teachers providing the test.Here we will explore the reasons why.


The first, and most apparent, flaw in these tests is the amount of stress that they place on both student and teacher. In most cases, not only does a students ability to graduate or over all grade depend on these tests, but a teachers salary and position too. This causes the teachers to rush their students into learning the test material and students to either run themselves ragged over the situation or simply give up.

Test teaching, Political agendas, and Intelligence.

Decide for yourself: Is standardized testing truly worth it?