Journalism Terms

What is a Montage?

A Montage is a technique used in film editing in which different types of short videos or pictures are used to shorten up time, space, and information.

Filmmakers definition.

"A quick succession of sounds and images designed to condense a lot of material into a brief amount of screen time."

Why is it important?

It's important because it will make you feel a type of way by showing a sequence of images or videos into a short amount of time.

An example of a montage is a football team winning a season and it would show the touchdowns scored throughout the season or the plays made or even the celebrations.


A Montage can also hype you up make you sad or happy, etc.

NFL Seasons

"Turn Down For What" - An NFL Music Video And Montage

MW2 Trickshot Montage.

Best Mw2 Trickshot Montage Ever !! 2012 ( Faze vs. Dare ) [XBOX] Watch it !!