The Human Resources Frame

How Organizations and People Fit Together

What is Human Resources?

Human resources is defined by the people who make up an organization; organizations need people and people need organizations. The reasons for this need of one or the other are not always the same, and this is great but when needs are not always met it can cause issues for one or both parties.

What Happens When Issues Arise?

Organizations need people, first and foremost in order to function. People are the fundamental piece that motivates, drives and supports organizations and why they do what they do. Likewise, people need organizations for a variety of reasons, such as to make money, feel worthy and accomplished, etc. However, organizations, especially large and powerful ones are sometimes seen in a negative light because they are accused of putting their profits over their people, and cutting out the humanistic part of a worker by replacing them with people who cost less overseas or a machine. Just as importantly, people who are actively employed may not feel like they are being valued or given justice for what they do, so employee motivation and work decreases and thus negatively impacts both employees and organizations.

So What Can Be Done?

While every aspect of an organization is important to understand through different frames, human resources plays a crucial role in the humanistic portion of an organization. In order for an organization to fully thrive and satisfy its employee's needs, it needs to motivate people. How can it do that? By improving the outlook for employees, helping them foresee a future in what they are doing, and making an effort to care and accommodate their needs. This, in turn, will attract more motivated employees which will create a more peaceful, fulfilling and of course profitable outcome for both the organization and people.