Latin America- Panama Canal

By: Stephanie Veser

History on the Building the Canal

  • Panama was originally part of Columbia, and refused to sell their land for the canal.
  • They soon went into battle/war against each other for the land.
  • The US won and quickly got the land from the Panamanians.
  • The actual construction of the canal took place in 1904.
  • The Panama Canal was finally completed and opened in 1914.

Imperialism in the Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is a very big part of Latin America's Imperialism. Before the canal was made, Latin America strived to get Panama away from Columbia. To turn them into two separate regions. Latin America's benefit from this was they the received the land which they decided to build the canal on. The Panama Canal benefited many people. It was a way to get around the tip of South America.

How the Canal Benefited Latin America

  • While building the canal, it helped a lot of people out. It gave the opportunity for people without jobs there to get a job to help build it.
  • When it was done, the people could transport easier and more efficient to where they needed to go. Didn't take as long.
  • The Panama Canal created a government that was open to corruption.

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