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1 April 2022

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The Short Film by a TAC Student was Invited to Compete in USA International Achievement of the Short Film Directed by Efe Batın Budak

Tarsus American College (TAC) student Efe Batın Budak achieved a success which went beyond national borders with his short film "Monoton", which he wrote and directed. The short film Efe Budak shot in Tarsus was entitled to screen at international short film festivals in the USA. “Monoton” also received the Special Jury Award at the Manisa Olive Branch Short Film Festival.

The success of the short film directed by 16-year-old TAC'24 Efe Batın Budak, a 10th grade student at Tarsus American College (TAC), extended from Tarsus to America. The short film "Monoton", written and directed by TAC student Budak, was selected for screening in international short film festivals. "Monoton", which tells about a famous place to which people become addicted, after being there one night and where the same tune is played all the time, received invitations from two different film festivals in the United States. Budak's film will be screened at the short film festivals, International Sessions By Lift-Off Global Network Official Selection, and First-Time Filmmaker Sessions By Lift-Off Global Network Official Selection. Offering an ironic approach to lives becoming ordinary, "Monoton" was also announced as a finalist in the Manisa Olive Branch Short Film Competition in the High School Category.

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TAC Success Stories

TAC students, who made the school community proud with their accomplishments in the past weeks, were announced in Friday’s flag ceremony and shared with all student body.

This success in many different areas are strong indicators of the school’s tradition of holistic education and contributing to student growth in every field, one of the things that Tarsus American College is well known for. For almost a century and a half, we are very pleased to observe the remarkable results of an educational program that focuses on a multitude of areas rather than a certain few, and developing student skills in these areas. We would like to thank our enthusiastic students who continue to help us maintain this tradition and track record. We also thank the educators who have helped the school in raising and graduating young adults who are always open to learning and improving themselves in diverse areas.

TEDx Organizing Team: Serkan Ersu (TEDx Club Advisor)

· Asya Yılmaz (10A)

· Hasan Can Uyan (12E)

· Yiğit Acar (12H)

· İrem Çelik (10E)

· Alpartun Günhan (10A)

· Efe Batın Budak (10B)

· Melis Ata (10A)

TAC’s Chess Team at Semi-Finals: Kübra Özbozkurt (Club Advisor)

· Dila Başpınar (PrepC)

· Selin Alan (PrepA)

· Çağla Pişkinpaşa (9E)

· Pernur Cihan (10D)

· Edibe Eylül ÇengelL (10E)

· Su Bozkurt (10B)

TAC’s Basketball Players Make it to the National Team: Fırat Bozkurt (Teacher in Charge)

Anıl Alyanak (Prep B) is selected for the U14 Boys Basketball Pool

Mehmet Alp Uyan (Prep D) is selected for the U15 National Team

Ömerkaan Nur (Prep B) is selected for the National Team

TAC Champions of the Track and Field Courts

Taha Yağız Topçuğlu (Prep): Mersin Champion in shot put

Demir Zihni Uğurses (Prep): Mersin Champion in the 110-meter hurdle race

Mersin 3rd Place in Javelin Throw

Yalın Demirbağ (Prep): Third place award in javelin throw

Mersin Champion in Javelin Throw and 2nd Place in Shot Put (Girls)

Azra Güzelocak (11): Mersin Champion in Javelin Throw and second place award in shot put

Mersin 2nd Place in Javelin Throw (Girls)

Elbi Lavin Demirhan (11): Second place award in javelin throw

“Monoton” by Efe Batın Budak (10B) being selected for screening at the short film festivals in the US and receiving the Special Jury Award at the Manisa Olive Branch Short Film Festival:

Teacher in charge is Gülden Nenninoğlu.

Lesson Activities of the Second Foreign Language Department

A series of German class activities by the Second Foreign Language Department involved prep, grade 9 and 10 students, providing them the opportunity to apply the skills they have so far developed in German. With an emphasis on hands-on and experiential learning, the students reinforced what they have learned in German through these fun group activities while improving their peer relationships.

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Online Introductory Sessions by Turkish Universities

TAC continues to bring to its students online introductions to leading universities of Turkey to help with their post-secondary decisions.

We are happy to receive the feedback from students and parents who participated in the sessions by Sabancı University, Özyeğin University, Bilgi University, Koç University, İstanbul Technical University, and Yeditepe University and to see that the event has achieved its purpose.

The remaining sessions will be held according to the following schedule:

TOBB University of Economics and Technology: Wednesday, April 6, 16:00

İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent University: Friday, April 10, 18:30

Middle East Technical University: Wednesday, April 20, 15:40

Hacettepe University, Faculty of Medicine: Friday, April 22, 10:30

Hacettepe University, Faculty of Engineering: Friday, April 22, 13:40

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Project Development Training

Dear Students,

Our Grade 9-10-11 and 12 students are all invited to join the first 4 modules of the ?Online Project Development Training? which will be hosted by Ozyegin University in March.

You are required to register before March 8th. You may click TRAINING CALENDAR to see the details of the program and sign in.

Don't forget to register by clicking here by March 8th to grab this unique opportunity!

''Mission Posible 5'' Proje Yarışması

9, 10 ve 11. sınıflarımıza yönelik olarak SEV tarafından düzenlenen Mission Possible Proje Yarışması başladı!

Öğrencilerimiz adresinden okul e-posta adresleri ile giriş yapabileceklerdir.

Sorularınız için Kurumsal İletişim Yöeneticisi Neslihan Özünlü ile iletişime geçebilirsiniz.

''Mission Possible 5” Project Competition

The “Mission Possible 5” project competition organized by SEV for our 9th, 10th, and 11th-grade students is starting! You can attend the Project Development Training, which consists of 6 modules, to be given by Özyeğin University. The first 4 modules will be open to the participation of our 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade students, and only the "Mission Possible 5" finalists can participate in the last 2 modules. You may visit by logging in with your school e-mail address, and see the details of the competition, review past projects, and apply to participate in Özyeğin University Project Development training. The deadline to register for the training is MARCH 8th, 2022. To enter the competition, click here and fill out the form. The deadline to enter the competition is APRIL 28, 2022. Click to following posters to viev the pdf poster with links and details. For any questions, you may contact School Corporate Communications Manager Neslihan Özünlü (Sadık Paşa Building, 1st floor)

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YKS Exam Preparations at TAC

Please click on the visual below for the video explaining the YKS preparation activities. (only in Turkish)

Weekly YKS Bulletin

Because of the exam week, YKS activities were suspended this week.

YKS Bülteni - 25 MART 2022
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