Weekly Launch

November 7-11


Please plan on attending Nutcracker Market on Saturday :0) There are no subs for Thursday and Friday. If you have to be out, let your team know because we will be splitting your class unless you are able to find a sub.

If you have not paid LOL or PTA dues, please do so! Please come talk to me if you are unable to take care of this.

Dr. O'Pry and his staff are coming to visit us on Friday. They will attend the Veteran's day program and will visit classrooms and programs around the building. They are not looking for anything in particular. Dr. O'Pry wants his team to see a school in action to help them have an understanding of their job and how it relates to HR.

Please, please, please, please, please pick up your kids on time from lunch! I don't want to stand at the tables and watch to see who is late but I continue to get reports from the monitors about this issue.

Also, our students who eat with parents in the Rocket cafe can only bring one friend. There are signs posted in the cafe stating this. We don't have a lot of room for extra friends. Thanks for helping with this!

Important Dates

Nov. 7-Mega-5th

Nov. 8-Professional Development Day

Nov. 9-Wear your college shirt and jeans


Texas Roadhouse

Nov. 10-Wear your hat for a $1 donation to the Hat's off to the Military with jeans

Thanksgiving Feast-Pre K/K/2/4

Suzi, Pamela, Susan and Tina-out all day

Nov. 11-Dress in red, white and blue for our Veteran's Day program

Veteran's Day @ 8:20

Thanksgiving Feast-1/3/5

Character Corner

Word of the Month-Citizenship

Word of the Week-Patriotism

Morning Announcements-Solomon

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Shout out

A big shout out:

Jeannie Neyland for a successful election

Coach B for coming in on his day off to be I.M. Hogg

to all our teams for having wonderful collaboration on Wednesday!!

Word of the Week-Portion

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