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During the colonial times, craftsmen were important people because they made thing people needed to survive. To begin, Blacksmiths made things out of iron. Next, Coopers work with wood. More importantly, Silversmiths worked with gold, silver, brass, and copper. Without a doubt, craftsmen made the colonies be come over the top.


Blacksmiths made all iron articles for the farms and homes. Blacksmiths are the most diligent craftsmen that are sometimes called Smiths. One thing Blacksmiths were responsible for making horseshoes to protect horses feet. Another thing Blacksmiths made was tools and candlesticks. They also repaired carriages, wagons, tools, and machinery. Lastly a Blacksmiths shop was used as a meeting place for farmers, doctors, lawyers, and business men. As you can see, Blacksmiths repaired many items and there shop was used by many people.


Coopers made barrels to protect food and liquid. Before medal and plastic containers world goods were shipped, stored, and protected in wooden barrels. Also wooden pails and barrels were used to store liquid and dry items. The barrels that were made were used to store and ship goods as in fish, rum, molasses, and whale oil. Then at one time barrels were made by hollowing out logs. At last everything a Cooper made was constructed with staves.


Silversmiths work with precious metals. Some precious metals silversmiths work with are gold, silver, brass, and copper. Also silversmiths melted metals down into objects such as plats, spoons, and candlesticks. Another thing silversmiths do is hammer metals into objects and engraved delicate patterns. Along with that silversmiths also melted and cast metals in molds. Something that is cool about a silversmiths work bench is it seated up to five people, allowing them all to work by the light of the window. All in all, silversmiths spent a lot of time in there work shop.


Craftsmen were important because they made things people needed to survive. First, Blacksmiths were responsible for making stuff out of iron. Second, Coopers made wooden containers for food and liquid. Third, Silversmiths spent a lot of there time in there work shop. As you can see, craftsmen were very important people in the colonial times.


staves : are wooden planks carved from pine, ceder, or oak.


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