SAAS Library Flyer

April 2015 - Be in the Know!

Library as Learning Commons

As some of you may know, the library and Librarian will be moving into the STREAM building next Fall completing the evolution of the library into a Learning Commons. Every Learning Commons is different, adapting constantly to the needs of its users, so I encourage you to contact me with your ideas and potential needs as we move through next year together.

A few new things we will have in store for you by next Fall:

  • collaboration stations and rooms
  • office and art supplies for projects, posters, models and designs
  • a smart board for training and collaboration
  • mobile shelving for legacy library needs
  • a new redesigned library website
  • improved access to databases (based on single sign-on)
  • a staple of quick in-class or online trainings for information literacy

Feel free to contact me throughout next year with your ideas, projects and information needs. I am happy to work with you. -- Kathy Johnson, SAAS Librarian (kjohnson@)

The Learning Commons by Pamela Colburn Harland


"There's a revolution in today's libraries—how they are organized, the types of resources they offer, how they serve patrons, and even in the mindsets of library specialists. The learning commons paradigm dictates a new way of thinking that will require sweeping changes. Are you ready to embrace the future of your library?

The goal of the learning-commons strategy is to provide a centralized, "go-to" location for all users seeking help on the complex issues of teaching, researching, and being a global citizen in our changing world. A library organized around the learning-commons construct fosters collaborative work and social interaction between users during research and learning. This paradigm also encourages use of innovative technologies and information resources."

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