Ice Bucket Challenge

Raising money for ALS

Ice Bucket Awarness

What is this thats sweeping the world, getting everyone involved?

This is the ice bucket challenge. The ice bucket challenge is a bucket filled with ice and water that you pour on to your head. Participating in the ice bucket challenge donates money to people suffering with ALS, ALS is a Mota Nuerone Disease.The cells in our body are called Mota Nuerone they tell the body when you want to move or do anything. If you have the disease your muscles dont work properly and it is hard to move around and breath. Sadly there is no cure for ALS. The ice bucket challenge is a fun way to get people involved and participating. They came up with the ice bucket challenge because, for a tiny second when the water and ice have been poured on your head people, thats how people suffering with ALS feel like. If someone Gets nominated to do the ALS ice bucket challenge and they choose to not do it they should donate $100 but if they do, do it they should pay only $10. So far millions of dollars have been donated because hundreds of thousands of people are participating. Will you be next.....