It's a 'GREEN' Friday!

2nd 'Friday Freebies'

Will we hit 25% of our goal?

We currently have 361 tickets in the barrel. The goal was to have 700 sold by tomorrow.

The 'Friday Freebies' drawing will be held at the Ladies Luncheon tomorrow around 12:30. To make sure your tickets get in the barrel, have your 'sold' tickets to either campus office by 11:00am.

Reminder--this raffle can bring Aquin $35,000--if we sell 2800 tickets. If we sell 1400 tickets we will award $10,000 to one winner. At the rate that tickets are selling, we may have to reduce that prize amount--and Aquin's earnings of the raffle. Please help us avoid doing that.

Promote these ticket sales on your Facebook page, on twitter, at work, at church. Let me know if you want to sell after any Masses and I will let the priests know when you will be there.

Thank you!

1st Friday Recycling

We began the Aquin Giving Gardens with funds raised by collecting aluminum cans. We will continue to raise funds for the gardens and recycle cans monthly. Please drop off your cans at the beginning of the day on the 1st Fridays of each month. Cans may be dropped off at either campus in the morning.

We thank you for your support of this 'giving' venture.