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Twitter: Who to Follow

@AnnAmandaBee is a person who continuously tweets links about various topics with some being worthwhile, particularly around using technology in lessons. Worth a look!

Here is an example of a link which categorises Apps which can be used in the classroom

Also remember to follow @AppsGoneFree where a selection of Apps are made free on a daily basis. You will be surprised with the standard of some Apps that are free for a limited time only

PE App of the Week

Weekly Recommended iPad App

WordFoto - allows you to create a picture in words. Select the picture, diagram or photo you want to use, select the style, colour and font you want. Then provide 10 keywords which are relevant and your photo is transformed into a picture of words. Great for promoting Literacy and allowing students to use key terminology. Please note this is an iPhone application which you can download on iPad and it costs. Search for this in the App store but select iphone icon at the top. Examples shown below.

Alternatively use Tagxedo which is a WebTool and create work clouds. This tool also allows you to place the words into the shape of your choice. It will require a little bit of trial and error but if anyone requires any help let me know.

PE tip of the day

Striking and Fielding: Rounders

@PE_TotD "Choice of equipment for batter... Footy kick; each base = 1pt, Out = lose 1pt. Tennis racq; bases = 2pts, Out = 2pts, Rounders bat; bases = 3pts, Out = lose 3pts. Great for differentiation & individual/team tactics & strategy”


@PE_TotD Devise a relay drill, type up and print out. Roll it up & put it inside baton.When last athlete crosses line he reads it & leads it”

All Sports: Outside

@PE_TotD Use line marking paint or spray paint to write keywords, key terms and performance hints onto grass track to help develop performance


As you know we have our department YouTube page which allows us to upload videos and footage gathered from our lesson. It is easy and encourage the students to upload footage they have produced.

If you sign up to YouTube using the email address and password and click on 'uploads' all the videos will appear that have been uploaded to date. You can create 'Playlists' (folders) which allow you to put the video clips into a file to find and view a lot easier. I have created 'Playlists' from my Year 8 High Jump and Trampolining lessons I have delivered as well as a GCSE PE Trampolining 'Playlist' which allows us to share routines and skills performed which can be used to share and analyse.

Remember to 'Unlist' the uploaded videos to ensure they are not public but you can still share the link and this could be used as a homework task in the future.


Blogging is not new but a lot of teachers now have their own Blog to direct students to work that they can access at home. This article from @miss_tiggr shares an insight into setting up student blogs which might be useful for GCSE PE, BTEC, Core PE homework to name a few. It is also a way if students demonstrating progress during a series of lessons.

If you do consider this, create a QR Code for this and allow students to scan it to find the blog quickly

Google Drive

Google Drive for ipad now supports comments following the recent update. I have found this particularly effective by downloading Google Drive and setting this up with a separate Gmail Account. I have then shared documents from the NTLP Google Drive to my own account to allow me to update Mark Books easier.