Survial Guide For The Appalachians

Jenna Maxwell

What I noticed

My plane crashed on North America. I was the only survivor. As soon as I got off the plane I noticed there was alot of hills! It was also very humid. I could tell right away the climate was temperate.
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Three animals that live in the Appalachians are a white-tailed deer,foxes and black bears. White tailed deer are helpful because you could follow their tracks to find berries. Deers can aslo be a food source! The deer can be harmful to you too! They could push you down with their paws and start kicking you!! Deers can be very dangerous.


Three plants in the Appalachians are Oak trees, Azaleas flowers and Hickory trees. Oak trees can be useful because you can eat their acorns. These trees are a likely food source. On the other hand Oak trees can be dangerous too. They could fall at any time or their branches could fall and hit you. That could cause a serious enjury!

Steps on Survial

1) Find a water source

2)Build a shelter near the water with leafs or tree branches.

3)If you get cold get some bark on the ground and rub the stick with your hand, fire will come.

4)If you get thirsty find something that will hold water in it, lit a fire and put the cup with the water in it above the fire. This will get the chemicals and bactria out and make good drinking water!