Andrew Sierakwoski Period 9 5-9-2016

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Penguins live a lot of different locations. They can live on the equator, and also in the Antarctic. But they manly live in the arctic. In the arctic penguins live on giant patches of ice .

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Even though penguins have wings they can't fly like normal birds, so they invented a new way of flying. "Penguins 'fly' through the water in much the same way other birds fly'' (Penguins). Penguins also live in groups. There feet and tail help them glide in the water.The penguins usaly move around on ice using a prosseds called


"Penguins usually swim at speeds up to 10 miles" (Penguins)

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Body covering

Penguins have feathers to keep themselves dry and warm. There feathers are more dense, a bird built for flight would have a lighter coat. There feathers vary in many colors. On their stomach They have white fetchers, on there back and sides they have black, and finally yellow around their neck . The largest penguin ( The emperor) stands at a extraordinary 4 feet.
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Penguins have a large and interesting diet. But surprisingly they only eat water animals. such include Fish, squid, and crustaceans (krill). They dive down into the water and swim fast to catch their prey.
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Female penguins lay one to two eggs annually. They lay there eggs in a nest made of twigs and leaves. The eggs take up to 65 days to hatch. The penguins reproduce sexually. When the baby are born they don't know how to swim.

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They are excellent divers and some can climb rocky slopes. "The body of a penguin is specially suited for living in the sea." (Penguin) Penguins may appear awkward on land, but they can walk about as fast as human beings" (Penguins)
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Other Info

The penguins natural habitat (The Attic) is melting!!

Some times The male penguins hold the egg in between their legs until it hatches.

And Once the baby has hatched he/she is still held by the male.

Baby penguins don't have colored feathers.

The Southern Ocean is home to more than 10,000 unique species, including most of the world’s penguins ( Mecro Prees)

"They usually hold their breath for 2 to 9 minutes" (Penguins)

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