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July 2016

About Me

Hi Everyone! I'm Jennifer Brown and I am your Director! I joined in Feb 2013 as a kit napper, and look where I'm at today. I could not be happier! I love this company and am so thankful for each of you! Here's some basic information on me.

Phone: 630-391-3669
Email: jenbthirtyone@hotmail.com
Facebook Team Page: PURSEuit of Happiness

Step Out of the Boat

Have you all heard the story of Peter seeing Jesus walking on the water? Peter asks Jesus if he can come to Him. Jesus says sure! So Peter gets out of the boat and starts to walk but notices the waves around him. As soon as he loses sight of Jesus he begins to sink. Of course, Jesus reaches out His hand to save Peter. But, there are two points to this story.

First, WE NEED TO STEP OUT OF THE BOAT! Do you think Peter was scared when Jesus told him to come out of the boat? You bet!!! There were waves crashing all around and they were in the middle of the sea! However, Peter had faith in Jesus to step out! Is Jesus telling you to step out of the boat? Is He asking you to take a leap of faith and trust Him? If so, GET OUT OF THE BOAT! Listen to Jesus and follow him!

Second, we can't lose sight of God. In everything we do we need to keep our focus on HIM! Many of us our surround by "crashing waves." We feel the pressure of everyday life. Of life itself is crashing in around us. To keep from drowning we need to keep our focus on Jesus!

Once we learn to do both these things, you'll be able to "walk on water!" It will be amazing the things God can do when we put our faith in Him and keep our eyes focused!

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Lorrie Perez

Joined: 7/22/16

From: Montgomery, Il

Recruiter: Lesley Myers

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Top In....

Congrats to the following ladies! You did AWESOME!!!

Personal Volume - Way to go Ladies!!!!!!


Emily Eisert - $1796.00

Allison Crouch - $1637.00

Morgan Lee - $1307.00

Lindsay Feldhaus - $1119.00


Melissa Calhan - $842.00

Elizabeth Choate - $827.00


Cheryl Good - $474.00

Cammi Thurlby - $406.00

Jessica Harrison - $356.00

Lesley Myers - $306.00

Jen Wildman - $276.00

Brandy Broadus - $275.00

Jacki Davidson - $226.00

Anita Ballinger - $200.00

Whole Downline - July

Sales: $13129.00
Parties: 25
Recruits: 1

My Stats

Sales - $2819.00
Parties - 3
Recruits - 1

My Pay as A
Consultant - $704.75
Director - $1098.62
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